Lounaslista - Ravintola Mimosa - Konala

Lounaslista - Ravintola Mimosa - Konala :

Keitto: maissikeitto/ corn soupNaudanlihaa ja vihanneksia/ beef with vegetablesKorealaista paistettua kanaa/ Korean fried chicken Bambun versoja kookosmaidossa/ bamboo shoot w/ coconut milk (L,G)

Keitto: Lihakeitto Filippiineiltä /soup Bulalo (L,G)Hapanimeläkalaa/ sweet and sour fish (L,G)Naudanlihaa Filippiiniläisittäin/ Bistek Pinoy (L,G)Vihannes Chop Suey/ Chop Suey mixed vegetables (L,G)

Keitto: Kana-inkiväärikeitto/ ginger chicken soupNaudanlihapata Caldereta / beef stew ”Caldereta” (L,G)Hapanimelä kanansiivet/ chicken wings sweet and sourPaistettuja papuja/ fried string beans (L,G)

Salads (G,M)Fried noodles with vegetables (M)Bahwan vegetable patties (M)Opor Ayam Indonesian style chicken in coconut milkStir fry vegetables with fish (G,M)Tofu and cabbage in sweet and sour sauce (G,M)Beef minced meat and potatoes in soy sauce (G,M)Clear soup (carrot + potatoes) (G,M)

SaladsFried noodles with shrimps (M)Chicken in soy sauce (G,M)Tofu + potatoes stir fry (G,M)Meat Rica Rica with eggplant (G,M)Springrolls/ bakwan (M)Stir fry vegetables in sweet sour (G,M)Spinach soup Indonesian style (G,M)

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